Monthly Archive for December 2013

  The Mick Taylor prequel novel Origin ships to stores next weekend, but there’s a way you could get your hands on a copy before everyone else. I’ve decided to give away one of my personal author’s copies (from a very dwindling supply) to a follower of my Facebook page, personally inscribed by myself. Unless […]

  Jeff Ritchie at has included an article alongside his glowing review of Origin, noting that we now have this country”s first horror franchise. I tried not think about this when I took on the writing of the film (though that was actually thankfully before the first movie hit big). However it was especially […]

  “McLean and Sterns have written a book that is destined to be considered a classic in future years.” – ScaryMinds Our first review is in, and it’s a killer. The authoritative Australian horror website ScaryMinds calls Wolf Creek: Origin “one of the best serial killer novels out there.” And, no, I have no idea […]

  The Wolf Creek novels launch in two weeks, and to announce this groundbreaking publishing event the Sydney Morning Herald have interviewed me to get the word out. They’ve even included a photo of my library! (Yes, that’s a Mick Taylor bobblehead next to Carnage in the background.) Read it all here: Wolf Creek […]

  This is where it begins. Before Wolf Creek 2 hits cinemas, comes an unprecedented venture in Australian horror—a series of prequel novels detailing the formation and rise of our most iconic horror villain. Not only has there never been a sequel to an Australian horror film (as Michael Helms informs me!), but we’ll be […]