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  I’m pleased — and shocked — to announce that Wolf Creek: Origin won the best Australian horror novel of the year at the recent Australian Shadows Awards (given by the Australian Horror Writers Association). It’s especially pleasing because it’s such an unconventional horror novel in many ways — the protagonist is the serial killer; […]

I’ll be at Armageddon Melbourne this Saturday & Sunday (18/19 Oct) for the crowdfunding launch of Cthulhu: Deep Down-Under, featuring my Lovecraftian-action novella ‘Vanguard’. We have Booth 74 (author roster still to be determined), but will all be on the Comic/ Animation Stage at 4pm Sat for the official launch. If you’re at Armageddon please […]

  Wolf Creek 2 cleaned up at Nocturna 2014, the Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival. Best Screenplay, Best Director to Greg, and Best Performances to John and Ryan. So I can now say I’m an award-winning screenwriter. Crazy. NOCTURNA 2014 AWARDS OFFICIAL SECTION: PAUL NASCHY Best Film Award: La Cueva Best Director Award: GREG […]

  It’s been a monster week. Wolf Creek 2 opened in Australia on February 20 and life has been a blur. I’ve been to screenings at Roadshow, a cast and crew screening in Adelaide that I introduced (with Producer Helen Leake and Roadshow Head of Production Seph McKenna), another fan’s screening in Adelaide that I […]

  Dymock’s 234 Collins St, Melb. 1.30pm today. There it is!                               We’re keeping some damn fine company there:                                 For more posts: THE LATEST.

  The Mick Taylor prequel novel Origin ships to stores next weekend, but there’s a way you could get your hands on a copy before everyone else. I’ve decided to give away one of my personal author’s copies (from a very dwindling supply) to a follower of my Facebook page, personally inscribed by myself. Unless […]

  Jeff Ritchie at has included an article alongside his glowing review of Origin, noting that we now have this country”s first horror franchise. I tried not think about this when I took on the writing of the film (though that was actually thankfully before the first movie hit big). However it was especially […]

  This is where it begins. Before Wolf Creek 2 hits cinemas, comes an unprecedented venture in Australian horror—a series of prequel novels detailing the formation and rise of our most iconic horror villain. Not only has there never been a sequel to an Australian horror film (as Michael Helms informs me!), but we’ll be […]

  Here’s the first official Wolf Creek 2 trailer, replete with truck crashes, headbutts and lots of Mick shit-talking: Wolf Creek 2 – The Trailer   The trailer made its way online last night, followed by a Q&A with herr director Greg McLean at You can still watch the interview, I believe. We also […]

  It’s official. The world premiere of Wolf Creek 2 will be at the Venice International Film Festival, running from August 28-September 7. It’s extraordinary that a horror sequel has made it into such a prestigious event, and points I think to the efforts of everyone to make this a film of exceptional quality. It’s […]