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“One of the best horror films I have seen in quite a while and possibly the best of 2014 so far” – ‘Wolf Creek 2‘ (review) – John Of The Dead’s Horror Flicks Reviews, July 9, 2014 – EIGHT/  TEN STARS

Wolf Creek 2 is what The Descent 2 was to The Descent… entertaining as hell” – ‘Wolf Creek 2 Blu-Ray review‘ (review) – Gerard Iribe,, June 19, 2014 – FOUR/  FIVE STARS

“Does a phenomenal job defying expectations […] Damn near everything about Wolf Creek 2 is bigger and better” – ‘Wolf Creek 2 (Blu-Ray)‘ (review) – Adam Tyner,, June 15, 2014 – FOUR/  FIVE STARS

“In the outback, no one can hear you scream” – ‘Wolf Creek 2′ (review) – Don L. Stradley, Etcetera, June 6, 2014

“One hell of a ride! […] full-on blood and guts greatness” – ‘Wolf Creek 2 review’ (review) – Craig Hunter,, April 20, 2014  –  FOUR/  FIVE STARS

“Not for the squeamish, Wolf Creek 2 is filled right to the brim with all the blood, guts and enough exploding craniums to leave you cringing for more” – Wolf Creek 2 (review) – Jersey John,, April 20, 2014  –  FOUR/  FIVE STARS

“I haven’t been this impressed with a sequel in a very long time” – Wolf Creek 2 (review) – Ambush Bug,, April 18, 2014

“As nasty and savage as its predecessor […] re-establishes Mick as one of the great modern horror villains” – Wolf Creek 2 (review) – Michael Gingold,, April 18, 2014  –  FOUR/  FIVE RED SKULLS

“Could well be the best psycho movie of the year […] If you enjoyed the first Wolf Creek movie then you are going to rock out to the sequel” –  ‘Scaryminds Reviews Wolf Creek 2 (review) – Jeff Ritchie,, February 24, 2014  –  EIGHT/  TEN STARS

“Bowel-twisting tension, and a clear sense of purpose and theme” – Wolf Creek 2: Australian Psycho’ (review) – Paul Byrnes, The Age & Sydney Morning Herald, February 22, 2014  –  FOUR/  FIVE STARS

“This isn’t a film for the squeamish” – Wolf Creek 2: Horror With a Hitch’ (review) – Ron Cerabona, Sydney Morning Herald, February 22, 2014  –  THREE.FIVE/  FIVE STARS

“If you’re looking for a horror film that’s both thoughtful and terrifying … where the bloody hell are you?” – Wolf Creek 2 (review) – Dave Crewe,, February 21, 2014  –  THREE.FIVE/  FIVE STARS

“The most notable home-grown fiction feature to hit cinemas since P.J. Hogan’s Mental […Mick is] back to his old tricks in Wolf Creek 2 which McLean directed from a script he co-wrote with author and academic Aaron Sterns (intriguingly described by his publisher as a former ‘researcher in postmodern horror’)” – ‘Up the Creek Again’ (review) – Jake Wilson, The Age & Sydney Morning Herald, February 20, 2014  –  THREE.FIVE/  FIVE STARS

“McLean and co-writer Aaron Sterns have crafted a very different beast; a bigger and bolder film that heads in a very different, very exciting direction” – Wolf Creek 2 (review) – Daniel Lammin,, February 20, 2014  –   FOUR/  FIVE STARS

“It’s louder, faster and more entertaining. The body count is bigger; the death scenes more elaborate” – Wolf Creek 2 (review) – Luke Buckmaster, The Guardian, February 20, 2014  –  THREE/  FIVE STARS

“A very shocking film that I’m sure will capture and hold audiences’ attention” – Wolf Creek 2 (review) – Bryan Weatherall,, February 20, 2014  –  SEVEN/  TEN STARS

“Surpasses the original in leaps and bounds” – ‘Wolf Creek 2 (review) – Rhiannon Irons,, February 20, 2014  –  NINE/  TEN STARS

Wolf Creek 2 betters its predecessor […] Even more loathsome, detestable and disgusting in all the right ways” – ‘Return of the Mick’ (review) – Simon Miraudo,, February 17, 2014  –  FOUR/  FIVE STARS

“The tension is non-stop and the dialogue, fiendishly good” – ‘Mick Taylor makes a killer comeback’ (review) – Nick Dent, Time Out, February 17, 2014  –  FOUR/ FIVE STARS

“No doubting the skill with which the film has been made” – ‘Wolf Creek 2‘ (review) – Nick Dent, Sunday Herald Sun, February 16, 2014  –  THREE.FIVE/ FIVE STARS


And then there’s: a “mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging exercise in torture porn” – Wolf Creek 2 (review) – Leigh Paatsch, Herald Sun, February 19, 2014  –  .FIVE/  FIVE STARS :-D

And now: “I defy you to name a great horror film that features a severed penis” – ‘Wolf Creek 2 review (review) – Witney Seibold,, May 16, 2014  –  TWOFIVE STARS


“Quite a ride” – Wolf Creek 2 review from Venice International Film Festival’ (review) – Guy Lodge, Variety, August 30 2014

“Edge-of-seat gorefest” – Wolf Creek 2 Venice review’ (review) – Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter, August 30 2014



Wolf Creek: Origin novel @ Penguin

Wolf Creek: Origin novel ebook @ Penguin

Wolf Creek: Origin novel ebook @ (for overseas readers)



“Australia, this is the [ultimate] outback noir novel” – ‘Review: Origin (Wolf Creek 1) by Greg McLean & Aaron Sterns‘ (review) –, Jun 23, 2014

Origin is […] a wrenching reading experience, but it is also a significant achievement as a standalone Australian gothic novel, with a surprisingly literary sensibility that elevates the material” – ‘A Lasting Dread‘ (review/article) – Alison Lang, Rue Morgue Issue #144, May 2014

“I felt myself rooting for a fucking psychopathic killer. How often can a writer do that and actually get away with it?” – ‘Book Review of Wolf Creek: Origin (review) – Alicia Banks, HorrorNewsNetwork, April 29, 2014  –  NINE/  TEN STARS

“Brutal” – Jack Ketchum, Friday Reads (Twitter), April 19, 2014

“One of the best serial killer novels in recent years” – Wolf Creek: Origin (review) – Elaine Lamkin,, April 21, 2014  –  FIVE/  FIVE STARS

“Your expectations will be flayed […] Typical scene-for-scene novelizations can only pretend to the kind of creativity found here” – ‘The Creek Flows On’ (review/article) – Michael Helms, Fangoria Issue #331, Mar 2014

Book Of The Month – &, May 2014

“A brilliant, creepy, internal horror” – Wolf Creek: The Franchise’ (review) – Geoff Brown,, Jan 31 2014  –  FIVE/  FIVE  STARS

“McLean and Sterns have looked beyond the boogeyman, and given us a human being. He no longer is a Jason or Freddy, he’s very real” – Origin by Aaron Sterns & Greg McLean’ (review) – Marcey Papandrea, book reviews, Jan 28 2014  –  FOUR/  FIVE STARS

“Mick gets under your skin […] I couldn’t help loving the guy, while being aghast” – Wolf Creek: Origin & Desolation Game (review) – Bonnie Sparks,, Jan 24 2014  –  FIVE/  FIVE STARS

“A kick ass read” – ‘Meet Mick Taylor in Greg McLean and Aaron Sterns’ Wolf Creek: Origin (review) – Matt Molgaard,, Jan 14 2014  –  FOUR.FIVE/  FIVE STARS

“One of the best serial killer novels out there […] Destined to be considered a classic in future years” – Wolf Creek: Origin first review (review) – Jeff Ritchie, , Dec 23 2014   –  NINE/  TEN STARS


AND AMAZINGLY, THE PROLOGUE FEATURED ON THE HERALD SUN (the third-highest viewed story that day):

Learn what drives a young Mick Taylor in this terrifying extract from the prequel Wolf Creek: Origin (extract) – Greg McLean & Aaron Sterns, Herald Sun – Law and Order, True Crime Scene online, Feb 27, 2014




The Wolf Creek Chainsaw Massacre‘ (article) – Dean Bertram, American Review, August 2014




Hell’s Shelves: Greg McLean, Aaron Sterns and Brett McBean on the Wolf Creek novels‘ (interview) – Alan Kelly, Rue Morgue Online, Aug 4, 2014



Toe Curler: An Interview with Wolf Creek 2 writer Aaron Sterns‘ (interview) – Marcey Papandrea,, July 2, 2014




Wolf Creek author returns to Ballarat’ (article) – Kara Irving, The Ballarat Courier, Mar 16, 2014




Wolf Creek writer Aaron Sterns believes we’re right to fear the presence of outback killers like Mick Taylor’ (article) – Blanche Clark, Herald Sun – Law and Order, True Crime Scene online, Feb 18, 2014





‘Interview: Aaron Sterns (Wolf Creek 2/ Origin)’ (interview) – Marcey Papandrea,, Feb 17, 2014





‘Horror man learns his skills at Deakin University’ (article) – Margaret Linley, The Geelong Advertiser, Feb 12, 2104





‘Ballarat link to horror film Wolf Creek 2 (article) – Kara Irving, The Ballarat Courier, Feb 9, 2014





‘The Word on Wolf Creek (article) – Jane Sullivan, The Age & Sydney Morning Herald, Jan 25 2014



‘Back to the Beginning for Wolf Creek (article) – Holly McKay, The Progress Leader, Jan 7 2014





‘Genesis of a Murderous Intent: Wolf Creek novels’ (article) – Linda Morris, The Age & Sydney Morning Herald, Dec 19 2013





‘A Stern Warning: A Chat With Novelist and Screenwriter Aaron Sterns’ (interview) – Bryce Stevens, Choking Dog Gazette & Trouble magazine, August 2013





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