Monthly Archive for February 2014

  It’s been a monster week. Wolf Creek 2 opened in Australia on February 20 and life has been a blur. I’ve been to screenings at Roadshow, a cast and crew screening in Adelaide that I introduced (with Producer Helen Leake and Roadshow Head of Production Seph McKenna), another fan’s screening in Adelaide that I […]

  Well, this is a big one. The Herald Sun interviewed me a few weeks ago regarding serial killers for their true crime online section. I think Blanche has done an exceptional job at making me sound eloquent. The article reminds me that when I was younger (just beginning Uni, if I recall) I used […]

  Yes. Yes I am. My University town’s newspaper The Geelong Advertiser has run a great article today about the grounding Deakin Uni gave me for my horror career (being the only university at the time to even consider including genre fiction on the curriculum). Considering I taught there for a number of years (in […]

  There’s a very nice article in today’s Ballarat Courier about how my High School English teacher and one Stephen King started me on the road to writing horror. I indeed walked down a side street I’d never seen before and found a used bookstore with King’s It as the only book on display in […]

  We had an amazing turnout for the Wolf Creek novels launch, held at Notions Unlimited on the weekend. Thanks to everyone for trekking down the coast (hope I got to speak to all of you). And for those that couldn’t make it (I know of at least two car breakdowns in the heat!) thanks […]