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  It’s been a monster week. Wolf Creek 2 opened in Australia on February 20 and life has been a blur. I’ve been to screenings at Roadshow, a cast and crew screening in Adelaide that I introduced (with Producer Helen Leake and Roadshow Head of Production Seph McKenna), another fan’s screening in Adelaide that I […]

  Geoff Brown (the former president of the Australian Horror Writers Association) has just given his take on the Wolf Creek prequel novels. In his five-star review on & Goodreads he writes that “All I can say is ‘wow’! […] The flawed narrator ploy for Mick Taylor’s narrative oversight works wonderfully, and the final, […]

  Bonnie Sparks at Bookish Ardour has posted a great review for Origin, giving it a resounding five stars. And it’s nice to have a female perspective on the novel: “I found myself sympathising for Mick,” she writes. “I found myself being appalled by his behaviour and sad when he gave into his urges. I […] Meet Mick Taylor in Greg McLean and Aaron Sterns’ ‘Wolf Creek: Origin’ (Review) by Matt Molgaard, Jan 14 2014 Back in 2005 a shocking little Aussie pic hit the market and left travelers of The Outback pissing in their boots. That movie was Wolf Creek, a vehicle for the ultra-violent and completely unrelenting […]

  “McLean and Sterns have written a book that is destined to be considered a classic in future years.” – ScaryMinds Our first review is in, and it’s a killer. The authoritative Australian horror website ScaryMinds calls Wolf Creek: Origin “one of the best serial killer novels out there.” And, no, I have no idea […]