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  Geoff Brown (the former president of the Australian Horror Writers Association) has just given his take on the Wolf Creek prequel novels. In his five-star review on & Goodreads he writes that “All I can say is ‘wow’! […] The flawed narrator ploy for Mick Taylor’s narrative oversight works wonderfully, and the final, […]

  There’s another article on the Wolf Creek prequel novels out today, appearing in Fairfax newspapers. I gave the interview for this a few weeks ago, so it’s nice to see it come out just in time for the launch next week. It’s an insightful take on Mick Taylor and his relationship to the landscape […] Thursday, January 23, 2014 WOLF CREEK Author Signing! With the release of WOLF CREEK 2 due next month in Australian cinemas, Notions Unlimited Bookshop is proud to present the following event, to celebrate the release of Penguin’s WOLF CREEK prequel novel series: Aaron Sterns (writer of WOLF CREEK 2, and co-author, with Greg McLean, […]

  Bonnie Sparks at Bookish Ardour has posted a great review for Origin, giving it a resounding five stars. And it’s nice to have a female perspective on the novel: “I found myself sympathising for Mick,” she writes. “I found myself being appalled by his behaviour and sad when he gave into his urges. I […]

  February is Wolf Creek Month – and what a way to start it off. I’m pleased to announce the official launch of Wolf Creek: Origin and Wolf Creek: Desolation Game on Saturday 1st February 4pm at Chuck McKenzie’s renowned genre bookshop Notions Unlimited (9/426 Nepean Highway, Chelsea – about an hour down the coast […] Meet Mick Taylor in Greg McLean and Aaron Sterns’ ‘Wolf Creek: Origin’ (Review) by Matt Molgaard, Jan 14 2014 Back in 2005 a shocking little Aussie pic hit the market and left travelers of The Outback pissing in their boots. That movie was Wolf Creek, a vehicle for the ultra-violent and completely unrelenting […]

  I have another article in a newspaper today — my local the Progress Leader. I like the photo a lot more in this one, I have to say. Hopefully I don’t look quite as intimidating (though I’ve been told that’s quite fitting considering what I’m publicising).   Back to the Beginning for Epic Aussie […]

  Dymock’s 234 Collins St, Melb. 1.30pm today. There it is!                               We’re keeping some damn fine company there:                                 For more posts: THE LATEST.