Jeff Ritchie at has included an article alongside his glowing review of Origin, noting that we now have this country”s first horror franchise.

I tried not think about this when I took on the writing of the film (though that was actually thankfully before the first movie hit big). However it was especially hard to keep to the back of my mind during the writing of the novel, considering Wolf Creek’s so ingrained in our cultural consciousness. Expanding the Creek universe is quite a responsibility that we’ve taken on, but it’s also a big step for Australian horror. This is Penguin’s first foray into horror, and Village have put a lot into the funding for and distribution of Wolf Creek 2. Here’s hoping it’s all successful enough it leads to more opportunities for others in the difficult field that is Australian horror.

Wolf Creek is now officially the first horror franchise from Downunder

Jeff Ritchie – Dec, 9, 2013

With a sequel due to hit cinemas February 2014, and the promise of an additional three movies, we were certainly getting excited, now Penguin have entered the bloody fray with two prequel novels.
Article ImageWolf Creek hit Australian cinemas in 2005 and became an instant hit. Sure there was a degree of resentment sent the movie’s way, one SBS Critic labelled it as “unnecessary” for example, but the horror fandom loved it. Ask most foreign horror fans to name a Downunder horror movie and they are apt to either say Peter Jackson’s Braindead or Greg McLean’s Wolf Creek. With a sequel announced the anticipation amongst Australian fans could be felt, and after at times rocking production schedule the second movie is hitting cinemas early in 2014. Word we received here at the ScaryMinds bunker was even better, a further three movies have been planned! 

On the back of the explosion in cinematic options, does Greg McLean ever sleep? – he’s also been involved in another movie and a graphic novel, Penguin Books have weighed in with not one but two prequel novels. Greg McLean teams up with Aaron Sterns for the first novel, Wolf Creek: Origin, and backs it up with a second novel Wolf Creek: Desolation Game, writing alongside one of ScaryMinds’ favorite authors Brett McBean! Word from Penguin is a bunch more novels are likely to hit shelves as well!

If after additional information then hit the official Penguin Books site. A print edition of each novel looks to have a listed price of around $19.99, while electronic options are also available.

Both books are expected to be available online and from all good bookstores from the 2nd of January 2014. Please note ScaryMinds will be reviewing both titles prior to Xmas! Which is my excuse for not including plot outlines. Anyone else getting a little excited? 2014 the year Mick Taylor came back!


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