Geoff Brown (the former president of the Australian Horror Writers Association) has just given his take on the Wolf Creek prequel novels. In his five-star review on & Goodreads he writes that “All I can say is ‘wow’! […] The flawed narrator ploy for Mick Taylor’s narrative oversight works wonderfully, and the final, brilliant ending left me wanting more. Bravo to the author/s for sculpting such a brilliant, creepy, internal horror.”

He’s also posted a longer review on the big UK site, where he writes that “This is a book that doesn’t hold back the punches, and gives everything that a horror fan is looking for. The writing by Sterns is another plus. The view inside Mick Taylor’s head throughout the entire narrative was masterfully done. There are many great aspects to this book: the sense of the Australian outback; the sense of the onset of madness; and the threat from the antagonist are all fantastic. […] Definitely a great introduction to the bat-shit-crazy Mick Taylor.”

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And in some other amazing news, legendary Australian horror film director Jamie Blanks has agreed to host the landmark Wolf Creek prequel novels book launch tomorrow at Notions Unlimited. It looks like being a fully-booked event, so should be an amazing day celebrating the birth of Australia’s first horror franchise. I’ll be posting photos in the next few days.


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