Just me this time. With Wolf Creek II only days now from shooting (and herr director Greg McLean in Adelaide furiously prepping), I’ll be representing the series at Oz Horror Con here in Melbourne this weekend.

And it’s going to be a doozy.

Yes, I’ll be talking about my experience writing the Wolf Creek II script, and how Greg somehow convinced me (chained me to a desk–a three month deadline! yikes) to write the prequel novel as well.  But I’ve also been allowed a few closely-guarded pics from pre-production… and I’ll be doing a world-first reading from the novel. (I’ve picked out a lovely little scene between Mick and his father. Such a happy childhood.)

Mark Smith-Briggs–a talented local horror writer in his own right–has kindly agreed to do the grilling, so many thanks to him for helping the Creek Clan. And also to Con Organiser Steve Dillon for wrangling us into the busy schedule.


Here’s the official session details (and my very cool page):


‘Back Up The Creek…’ — Wolf Creek II session @ Oz Horror Con
2pm Saturday 19th January, 2013
The Cellars, Donkey Wheel House, 673 Bourke St Melbourne

Aaron Sterns–the co-writer of Wolf Creek II and the first Wolf Creek prequel novel–will discuss the expansion of outback serial killer Mick Taylor’s twisted world.

Not only will he have on hand exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the upcoming sequel shoot, he’ll also be giving the first ever reading from the novel series!!


So if you’re a Wolf Creek fan this should really whet your appetite. Hope to see some faces there.


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