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  Well, this is a big one. The Herald Sun interviewed me a few weeks ago regarding serial killers for their true crime online section. I think Blanche has done an exceptional job at making me sound eloquent. The article reminds me that when I was younger (just beginning Uni, if I recall) I used […]

  Yes. Yes I am. My University town’s newspaper The Geelong Advertiser has run a great article today about the grounding Deakin Uni gave me for my horror career (being the only university at the time to even consider including genre fiction on the curriculum). Considering I taught there for a number of years (in […]

  There’s a very nice article in today’s Ballarat Courier about how my High School English teacher and one Stephen King started me on the road to writing horror. I indeed walked down a side street I’d never seen before and found a used bookstore with King’s It as the only book on display in […]

  There’s another article on the Wolf Creek prequel novels out today, appearing in Fairfax newspapers. I gave the interview for this a few weeks ago, so it’s nice to see it come out just in time for the launch next week. It’s an insightful take on Mick Taylor and his relationship to the landscape […]

  Bonnie Sparks at Bookish Ardour has posted a great review for Origin, giving it a resounding five stars. And it’s nice to have a female perspective on the novel: “I found myself sympathising for Mick,” she writes. “I found myself being appalled by his behaviour and sad when he gave into his urges. I […]

  I have another article in a newspaper today — my local the Progress Leader. I like the photo a lot more in this one, I have to say. Hopefully I don’t look quite as intimidating (though I’ve been told that’s quite fitting considering what I’m publicising).   Back to the Beginning for Epic Aussie […]

  Dymock’s 234 Collins St, Melb. 1.30pm today. There it is!                               We’re keeping some damn fine company there:                                 For more posts: THE LATEST.

  Jeff Ritchie at has included an article alongside his glowing review of Origin, noting that we now have this country”s first horror franchise. I tried not think about this when I took on the writing of the film (though that was actually thankfully before the first movie hit big). However it was especially […]

  The Wolf Creek novels launch in two weeks, and to announce this groundbreaking publishing event the Sydney Morning Herald have interviewed me to get the word out. They’ve even included a photo of my library! (Yes, that’s a Mick Taylor bobblehead next to Carnage in the background.) Read it all here: Wolf Creek […]

  This is where it begins. Before Wolf Creek 2 hits cinemas, comes an unprecedented venture in Australian horror—a series of prequel novels detailing the formation and rise of our most iconic horror villain. Not only has there never been a sequel to an Australian horror film (as Michael Helms informs me!), but we’ll be […]